Scalable, Cost-Effective Custom Point of Sale Solution Helps Golf Retailer Expand Country Wide

Looking for a Win at a Major

When a major golf distributor was looking to expand their retail presence countrywide and online, they needed a Point of Sale (POS) system that could support their physical and virtual expansion goals. It was imperative that any solution must be available to all physical stores across the country but also integrate with on-line sales for purpose of consolidated reporting to a central head office. Options considered by the company’s project committee included the following options:

  1. Using the pre-built POS software designed for their existing ERP system.
  2. Develop a custom solution that incorporates the company’s specific requirements.

In pursuing a custom solution, the key challenges identified that would need to be overcome were:

  • Efficient integration with their existing ERP system.
  • Simultaneous, near real-time bi-directional data transfer and offline store transactional capability.
  • Operational scalability without additional licensing fees.
  • Adoption by remote, individual store owners.

WyWare Makes the Cut

The technical support and confidence inspired during a 6 month long solution evaluation and vendor qualification process rendered WyWare to be the partner of choice to build a custom POS solution package that would meet their exact requirements.

Despite the availability of pre-built POS software through the company’s ERP system, the WyWare solution was selected because it specifically addressed all the functional deficiencies identified in the pre-built package that were deemed to have significant impact on the business. This custom functionality included:

  • Industry specific tasks performed by users on a regular basis as part of the POS transactional process and not supported in the overly generic pre-built package.
  • Stable and reliable data synchronization between the head office and remote stores, deemed a high risk and development required to implement in the pre-built package.
  • Unique POS operations considered to be a competitive advantage for the company deemed difficult to achieve within the pre-built package.
  • The absence of any licensing fees which soon made the pre-built package cost-prohibitive as the business scaled up operations.
  • Tight integration with the existing ERP system.

Custom Solution Wins a Major

This WyWare Point of Sale solution was implemented countrywide in the company’s retail locations. WyWare provided onsite training for individual store owners and their staff as well as providing 24/7 online support. The company was able to quickly scale up their operations growing to more than 40 new retail locations who began successfully utilizing this new POS system within the first 6 months of the software being released.


  • Point of Sale

Industry Served

  • Retail
  • Other industries employing concurrent, remote sales and invoicing transactions


  • Minimized cost to scale up operations
  • Business growth through better utilization of competitive advantage


  • Collaboration between store owners, users and experienced business process experts for detailed requirements gathering and workflow process mapping
  • Custom-built software system managing Point of Sale transaction, data synchronization and transfer, and reporting process
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and processes
  • Complete user training and documentation
  • 24/7 online support