Custom Patient Record Management Solution Delivers Better Efficiency, Record Accuracy and Data Security

When a Clipboard and a Pen Won’t Do

Facing a continually increasing volume of calls, one of houston's leading Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers needed a way to streamline the process for accurately creating, tracking and storing their patient records. Readily available and accurate records is one of the most important elements to providing the best possible patient care. The company’s existing process was cumbersome requiring the replication of manual form completion by a dispatcher, the receiving location and the destination location. Ensuring record accuracy was also a challenge. Potential business solutions the company investigated came down to two options:

  1. Implementing a pre-built software-as-a-service (SaaS) or off-the-shelf offering.
  2. Develop and implement a custom solution to match their unique requirements and processes.

Paramount to both options was that the solution implemented must:

  • Be easily and readily adopted by the users (EMTs), and
  • Ensure the highest level of data security to preserve patient record privacy.

Like Patient Care, Record Management Does Not Come Off-The-Shelf

The several pre-built software solutions evaluated were determined to be not well-aligned with the company’s workflow and specific requirements, and cumbersome for the EMT users. In the face of high annual contracts and discouraging cost to customize a pre-built software to meet their needs, the company opted to partner with WyWare to build a custom patient record management system.

The business solution defined by WyWare was chosen because the company determined it offered a greater return on investment. The key elements of the WyWare patient record management solution deemed to deliver significant value were determined to be:

  • Near universal acceptance and adoption by the EMT user community. This was accomplished through early engagement with these users during project requirements gathering and testing phases.
  • A robust data storage system that enabled offline transacting for greater user efficiency with full encryption in the event of a lost or stolen device.
  • The elimination of annual (licensing and support) fees since the company owned the solution software.

Custom Solution is Just What the Doctor Ordered

With implementation of the WyWare patient record management solution, this company was able to eliminate paper copies of the patient records. Record creation is now faster, includes greater detail and incorporates electronic signatures. The improved creation and tracking of patient records has also facilitated better response times across billing, hospital management and dispatch.


  • Electronic patient record management

Industry Served

  • Healthcare


  • Improved patient record input accuracy
  • Improved patient record transfer accuracy and efficiency
  • Improved EMT user patient record creation efficiency
  • Improved EMT user morale


  • Collaboration between Mangers, Dispatchers, EMTs users and experienced business process experts for detailed requirements gathering and workflow process mapping
  • Custom-built software system managing on and offline patient record creation, data synchronization, storage and transfer, and reporting
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and processes
  • Complete user training and documentation
  • Available on-line support