Custom Software Solution for Manufacturing Reduces Material Wastage

Need for Tracking Critical Assets

A Houston-based manufacturer, supplying premier printed packaging solutions to many of the major US food and consumer product brands, utilize the latest technology in flexible printing plates in their manufacturing process. Printing plate performance is critical to the company’s product quality and how they distinguish themselves from their competitors.

In 2015, the company’s manufacturing manager identified a need to improve how they tracked the use and operational life of their flexible printing plates. Two paths to a solutions were considered. They were:

  1. Finding a pre-built software package, with all the required functionality, and then adapting their manufacturing process to best fit the software tool, or
  2. Having a custom software solution developed that fit their process and included all the required functionality.

Through prior experience, the company’s management recognized that any solution to be implemented must address the challenges coming from new users adopting and accepting a new method, and that the solution must fully integrate with the company’s existing processes and business systems.

Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

Following a period of preliminary consultation, the company opted to partner with WyWare to build a custom utilization and performance tracking system that would match their unique needs and address all the identified implementation challenges. It was determined that other potential solutions using pre-built software packages would introduce unacceptable risk and disruption to their other business processes.

By listening and working closely with company employees responsible for the flexible printing plates and manufacturing operations Wyware was able to develop a custom software system that tracked the footage printed by each plate while taking into account a maximum amount of user needs and concerns. In this manner following implementation, training time was reduced and the user adoption and acceptance and was accelerated.

Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

The company now tracks flexible printing plate status and operational metrics as part of standard reporting. Having such information available through easy, efficient reporting enables operators to replace printing plates at the end of their useful life before experiencing problems during production runs. This means reduced material wastage, better employee morale and improved overall manufacturing output.

With the confidence gained and tangible benefit to their business realized, this manufacturing company is now looking to solve additional business process and system integration challenges with WyWare solutions.


  • Asset/inventory/consumable status and performance tracking

Industry Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Other industries that can benefit by tracking operational metrics on critical equipment items.


  • Improved product quality through better visibility on flexible printing plate usable run-life.
  • Improved product margin and manufacturing efficiency through reduced material wastage.


  • Collaboration with experienced business process experts for detailed requirements gathering and workflow process mapping.
  • Custom software for run-life performance and status tracking of critical manufacturing assets.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and processes
  • Complete user training and documentation
  • Available on-line support