We understand technology and business.

Turn your ideas into reality

Business owners often have great ideas but may not have the expertise in software and technology to know how to make them happen.

WyWare not only offers technology related expertise, but also the business acumen to offer advice and improve upon ideas.

Our clients see this type of expertise as having far greater value than those companies focused only on their technology related capabilities.

The strength to build completely integrated systems

Our core competency is our ability to integrate information systems across all departments to produce information that empowers employees to operate more effectively and guides business owners towards better decisions.

We have the capabilities to integrate with other systems, both software and hardware, and the business expertise to ensure the maximum amount of value is being delivered to our clients.

Our broad skill-set across programming interfaces and devices reduces the risk of inefficiencies and integration gaps between your systems.

Serving the Houston and Katy, Texas

Our office is located in Houston, Texas. We mainly serve the Greater Houston Texas region (including Katy Texas) but also have clients in other parts of the US and in Australia.